IIDEA is a platform for anyone wishing to do something towards the Development and Education for “all” downtrodden segments of our society. Beneficiaries of the projects as well as providers of benefits have a good mix of people from all segments of society.

Our organization’s motto is to foster equality and justice in the society. Our organization’s objectives are as follows:

1-Establish new schools, coaching centers, vocational training institutions, colleges, and universities for the downtrodden.

2-Prepare students for various competitive examinations such as IIT-JEE, AIEEE, IAS, MCE, AIPMT etc.

3-Establish hostels near educational institutions in cities for impoverished pupils.

4-Encourage individuals to form Self-Help Groups (SHG) of 10-20 people and implement the concepts of micro-insurance, micro-savings, and micro-credit within these groups. These groups will be joined together in democratic fashion. Some of the bigger groups may go on to form cooperatives of various kinds.