IIDEA is a platform for anyone wishing to do something towards the Development and Education for “all” downtrodden segments of our society. Beneficiaries of the projects as well as providers of benefits have a good mix of people from all segments of society.


Our organization’s motto is to foster equality and justice in the society. Our organization’s objectives are as follows:

1-Establish new schools, coaching centers, vocational training institutions, colleges, and universities for the downtrodden.

2-Prepare students for various competitive examinations such as IIT-JEE, AIEEE, IAS, MCE, AIPMT etc.

3-Establish hostels near educational institutions in cities for impoverished pupils.

4-Encourage individuals to form Self-Help Groups (SHG) of 10-20 people and implement the concepts of micro-insurance, micro-savings, and micro-credit within these groups. These groups will be joined together in democratic fashion. Some of the bigger groups may go on to form cooperatives of various kinds.


1-Use the existing infrastructure of schools and colleges more efficiently by encouraging after-regular hours educational, social, cultural, and political activities

2-Funds: Fund generation, via making members, submit projects to various national and International agencies and support from NRI members.


1-Head office of the IIDEA will be in Delhi but branches of IIDEA shall be established at state or district or city or at any levels.

2- To establish a branch of IIDEA, smaller groups will be encouraged.

3-Funds must be deposited in one account directly or via sending to head office. Checks or drafts must be for IIDEA and stating account number and account payee.

4-IIDEA account number, member list and projects will be posted weekly basis on the website ( www.theiidea.com ) for every member.


1-Each member must contribute at least one rupee/day or Rs.30/month or Rs.300/year or more as much anyone can donate.

2-Each member may also help to bring two more members for IIDEA.

3-Funds may be used via approval of Head office but projects will be advised by the branch officials and grass root level and funds will be provided by the head office directly to the grass root level to the people who will be responsible to run the project but monitoring will be done by the district and state officials.

4-To provide quality education, IIDEA, will help to provide, fee, books, stationary and coaching to the students after school hours because now days as per government rules, any student should not failed till VIII grade and teachers in the villages and government schools, do not pay attention to dalit students because of several reasons. So result will be this that after grade VIII, our students will be ZERO and in class IX, they will not be able to compete with other students and then only option will be for dalit students to drop out from the school and start manual scavenging and manual lanour. This is the Brahminical Manuwadi politics against Dalits in INDIA, especially in small towns and villages where our poor manual scavengers and labours are hardly surviving. This is the reason IIDEA must start this project as soon as possible.

5-Our goal is to start working as soon as possible at grass root level from small villages and towns and cities where our slum areas students are studying in government schools.


Participation in the above mentioned social, educational, economic endeavors would unite all downtrodden people of the society. The program will also help to bring education levels up via providing quality education.