IIDEA Report was published in November 2013. The report can be found at this pdf file.

Achievements of IIDEA for 2010 & 2011:

  1. Established few computer centers and these computer centers are also serving as coaching centers.
  2. Computer Center at Balmiki Colony, Near MMB, Daliganj, Lucknow:

The computer center at Balmiki Colony, Near MMB, Daliganj , Lucknow 226020 (phone: 09984250438) initially had three computers established in June 2010 is still running very well. Two more computers were added in this center with help of Steven Foundation, USA in 2011. Now this center is having five computers.

American Ph.D. Scholar, Joylee from Columbia University, is currently studying on the issues of the scavenger community in UP, who taught English at this center for a year. 65 students from class 9th to B.A. learned basics of the computers from this center. You will be amazed to know that IIDEA organized a function of certificate distribution on March 29, 2012 at this center. Students arranged everything but finances (about Rs1500/= $30) were incurred by Dr. Bachchu LAL. Students gave speech in English and Nadini, a student took responsibility to run stage in English. This shows the confidence level of the students.

Expenditures for this computer center is about Rs.3000/month because we pay Rs.2500/= per month fee to the teacher. Rs.500/ are the miscellaneous expenditures. Rs. 3000/= per month rent of the rooms is not included because it’s my home and we do not charge rent and I pay electricity and utility bills.

Computer Center at Saharanpur, UP:

Computer center at Saharanpur, UP, is also running very well. Suprabhat Samajik Sansthan, Saharanpur is running this center. Contact person Mr. Gaurav Dahia LLB, LLM, MBA, 999792 3738.

Computer Center at Lav-Kush Nagar, Indira Nagar, Lucknow:

Contributed one computer to start one new computer center at Love-Kush Nagar, Indira Nagar, Lucknow. This is a slum area where lot of scavenger community people along with other dalits live. Mr. Ganesh Kumar (9451 668 994) who will be managing this computer center. He already has one computer, so Initially there will be two computers but very soon, I am planning to give one more computer. It will cost $300 to us.

Computer Center at Leelmatha Lucknow:

We contributed Rs.55000/= to established computer center and coaching center at Leelmatha, Lucknow where we bought three computers. Maharishi Valmiki Ashram Seva Samity, Leelmatha Lucknow is responsible to operate this center. If we need to start evening coaching center here then we need about Rs.25000 ($500) per year.Proposed scholarship program for Education Program: Mr. Anand Kumar, TX, USA, a member of DANRIA and supporter of IIDEA, contributed $500 (Rs.25000/=) to DANRIA, to provide scholarship one boy (Rs.11000/=) and one girl (Rs.11000/=) from manual scavenger community in India. Application form and Requirements for scholarship are on the website of www.theiidea.com .

Teach Ideology of Dr. Ambedkar among scavenger community (2011):

IIDEA also donated Rupees 7000/= (Rs.5000/= donations and Rs.2000/=travel expenditures) in Meerut for a meeting for awareness program to discus Ideology of Dr. Ambedkar among Balmiki Community. Mr. Amar Singh, Dr. Rahul Das, Mr. Ramesh Gehlot and Mr. Jilay Singh participated in the meeting.

Help by IIDEA to a women victim of dalit atrocity in Bihar (2011):

Parivartan Kendra is a registered organization, Patana, Bihar. Its head office is in Patna and it is working in Vaishali and Patna districts of Bihar. Sunita Devi a victim of dalit atrocity, was helped via donation of Rs.5000/= to fix her back door, to protect herself from any more unwanted atrocity in the dark of night. This money was handed over to Ms. Versha Bela, President of Parivertan Kendra by Prof. Satinath Choudhary, DANRIA member and vice president of IIDEA. This money was contributed by Prof. Choudhary from his personal funds.

Help for educational awareness program among very poor Mushahar, DOME and scavenger community in Bihar(2011):

The condition, of Mushahar, DOME & scavenger Community in Bihar is very bad, where Ms. Sudha Verghese is working among them. Prof. Satinath Choudhary, had a meeting with Ms. Sudha, and understood their programs and handed over Rupees 10,000 to Ms. Sudha to spend this money for educational awareness program among very poor mushahar, dome, scavenger students and parents. This money was contributed by IIDEA.

  1. Self help group (SHG) among poor dalits in Haryana, helped by IIDEA (2011):

Mr. Sanjeeve Gharoo, Haryana, received Rs.9000/= from IIDEA on February 2011, to start Self help group in Haryana.  Dr. Bachchu LAL, President of DANRIA and convener of IIDEA, gave this money from his own funds. Functioning and Objective of the project: Each member will save one rupee per day and we will contribute the same. Each group will be having 20 members. This program will develop a habit of saving among these very poor people and these members will save himself from illegal money lenders for their emergency needs. These illegal money lenders charge 10-20% interest per month for small loans that these poor people take for their emergency needs. I am still waiting for the report because I did not get details from him and he also did not ask for second installments.

Contribution to a dalit hostel in Meerut:

IIDEA members donated Rupees 75,000/= to a dalit hostel in Meerut run by Mr. Jaipal Singh, president, Ambedkar Shiksha Prasar Samity, Meerut. This hostel has 17 rooms and about 30 students live here. They get free food, books and tuition fee and students go in various schools for their studies. Five rooms are under construction. These rooms will be used for the students who will be preparing for competitive examinations. We need support to establish computers in these rooms.

IIDEA also published a report in November 2013. You will see soon here.

Progress Report 2017:Meeting with Honorable Dr. Udit Raj, Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha), Government of India: February 28th 2017:  IIDEA members, Mr. Raju Charles Dr. Bachchu LAL, Dr. Ravinder Singh & Mr. Ravi Kumar (friend of Raju Charles), went to meet with Dr. Udit Raj. The aim of the meeting with Dr. Udit Raj, was, to get help for IIDEA’s 12A, 80G & FCRA clearance. We had nice conversation with Dr. Udit Raj and he assured to help IIDEA on this subject. Mr. Raju Charles also agreed to help poor Dalits under the guidance of Dr. Udit Raj.

Meeting with IIDEA, UP Committee members in Lucknow: March 1st 2017:

IIDEA members in Lucknow at the Pradhan Convent School (Phone # 7275737620), C-19/8, Valmiki Nagar, Paper Mill Colony, Nishatganj, Lucknow 226006, UP. IIDEA is running a computer Center in this school. This center is operated by Mr. Durgesh Kumar Pradhan (7275737620). He told us that about 45 students get training for computers each year. He also helps for English speaking course to the students. He added that this school provides free education to poor dalit students without any school tuition fee, computer fee and English speaking courses fee.