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Tuesday, 02 November 2010 17:40

To provide quality education to the students is our top priority because currently our students are not getting a quality education compared to other rich students. This the reason our students are not capable to compete with those students. As soon as IIDEA collects funds, we will be operating schools in big cities where poor students from villages and also from slum areas of the city, can come and live and study. Our education system will be modern, so that these students can compete with other students in the competition. When these schools will be running by us then we will provide jobs to only our people but if we need any specialist educational teacher then we will hire them as contractors to give quality lectures for the students.


Evening Coaching Centers for the students of class 1st to 8th:

Details of evening coaching center program for development of quality education:


1-Quality and standard of education in government schools are very poor.

2-Tuition fee is very high in public/private schools. Poor people cannot afford it. For example: if any person who is a manual scavenger or fourth class employee then he makes about 5 to 15 thousand rupees per month. This money is not enough for their food. If parents want to send student in private school then tuition fee, books, uniform are out of their reach.

3-Admission in these private schools is another big problem because school administration requires interview parents in English and if parents are illiterate then kids cannot get admission in the school.

4-Government of India passed a rule that any student up to grade 8th cannot be failed, regardless of performance of the students will be promoted to next class. Under these circumstances when these students reach in class 9th then there is only one option for these kinds of the students that is to drop out from school and do the manual scavenging and low jobs.

Issues of the project:

This project will help these poor kids to continue their education and this will be also directly correlated with their social confidence development.

Details of the program:

This project will target students from class 1st to 8th. Students will be divided in two groups.

1- Class 1st to 5th.

2- Class 6th to 8th.

Project will provide evening coaching to the students who are studying in class 1st to 8th.

Project will also provide some books, stationary etc for students that is depend upon the circumstances of the family of the students. Teachers must be hired among the community students who are studying in class 11th , 12th and under graduate which will provide jobs to these poor students and these students of higher class will be able to keep continue their higher education.

I am saying this because I have already lot of experience of teaching these kinds of students during my degree course. When I was studying in B.Sc. at that time I was living in a scavenger community and for my survival, I was teaching about 30 students from class 1st to 5th in one batch and each student was paying Rs.10/= month and lot of times these students were not able to pay their fee. In second batch, I was teaching 10 students from class 6th to 10th and each student was paying Rs.15/month . By presenting this example, I would like to give a message that for these poor scavenger community people in a slum area of a big city Lucknow which is the capital of U.P., it was very tough for this community people to pay Rs.10/= month for their education.  Project will mainly focus to teach English, math and science and these subjects are very important for the carrier development of the students. This project seems very small but it is very effective for the development of the poor community students.

How can we establish an evening coaching center with the help of the IIDEA?

1- Establish an IIDEA committee of 7 to 10 people of the community who can contribute at least Rs.50 o 100 per month.

2- Rs.30/= per month required from the parents of the students.

3- Hire teachers from our community who can charge less fee, specially focus on the students who are studying in class 11th to degree courses.

4- Prepare a budget for 10 months classes start from July 15th to May 15th for 10 months.

5- Discus with your State IIDEA Committee.

6- Central Committee will pay very three months to the President of the Community, IIDEA Committee or IIDEA will make other arrangements to pay fee.

7- If some poor students need help for stationary then please make budget and submit a proposal to the state committee. Central will provide support.


Computer centers and evening coaching centers among our poor students may establish following impact:

1- Poor students will develop a confidence for education and this training will help them to move forward to use modern technology to learn about world.

2- Evening coaching centers will prevent drop out of the students from calss 9th.

3- Evening coaching centers will develop a confidence among students for education.

4- It will also develop interest for the education.

5- In the calss room these students will feel proud when they will answer the teacher.

Request to community people: Please join IIDEA via donating one rupee per day. We are still not getting any help from the government. IIDEA is still running with your help.

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